4-Pack Adult/Child Bag Valve Mask (BVM) Instructor Starter Set

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Increase skill proficiency by having students practice with what they’ll use in the field. Participants will leave class feeling confident using a bag valve mask during patient resuscitation when you train with MCR Medical’s training BVMs.

In this 4-pack, each BVM comes packaged in a multipurpose black mesh bag. The bag has a fully functioning, heavy duty zipper making it great for consistent use. It is made of thick and durable mesh netting that is difficult to tear and more reliable. This versatile mesh bag can also be refilled with other training supplies, keeping your supplies organized and you looking like a professional. It also includes a carabiner for your convenience for easier transportation.

The textured surface of the training BVM bags ensure both a secure grip and that they can be firmly squeezed during extended skill sessions. The trainers even have a pressure limiting valve so instructors can teach students on their proper use or even how to identify and resolve a blocked airway situation during resuscitation.

Maximize your training budget! The washable trainers are capable of being cleaned and decontaminated per CDC guidelines.

Each BVM is individually packaged and comes with a detailed instruction booklet. Also included with each BVM are an adult and a pediatric rescue mask both with re-inflatable bladders, a removable oxygen reservoir bag, and approximately 7′ of oxygen tubing.