Administering Emergency Oxygen




To give participants the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care to a victim of a breathing emergency using breathing devices, including resuscitation masks, bag-valve-mask resuscitators (BVMs) and emergency oxygen.

This course is and add-on to the following courses:

  • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
  • CPR for Professional Rescuers

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the importance of administering emergency oxygen.
  • List the steps required to administer emergency oxygen.
  • Identify different oxygen delivery devices and when to use them.
  • List the precautions to take when using emergency oxygen.
  • Demonstrate how to properly remove disposable gloves.
  • Demonstrate how to use a resuscitation mask and BVM to ventilate a nonbreathing victim.
  • Demonstrate how to prepare the oxygen equipment and administer emergency oxygen to a breathing or a nonbreathing victim.

There is no online portion required to be completed for this portion of the class